December 7, 2013, the 3rd Annual Talon Grey Toy Drive, was a phenomenal success, thanks to all that helped put the event together. We collected over 700 toys and $500 cash. We were told that we helped at the least 341 children this year. “Thank you” doesn’t begin to express the gratitude we have for every one that participated this year. We sincerely hope that we don’t forget anybody, but if we didn’t mention your name, please know that your generosity did not go unnoticed.

Terry and Lynda, ( FAN CLUB ) thank you for always being there for us through thick and thin. You have always gone above and beyond to encourage and support Talon in all he does, and we love you both so very much. Lynda, we cannot begin to guess how many pounds of sugar and hours you put in to the bake sale. It was a huge success again this year, thanks mostly to you. Thank you to our other busy bakers too, Kim and Rosie! We raised over $90. You ladies ROCK!

Rik, you are THE BEST! The “unseen” efforts, delivering boxes and flyers, and the awesome job you did as the sound man, thank you so much! You made everybody sound and feel great . The first one there and the last one to leave, always give your all with a smile in your heart.

Dana Riggs and Peter Heck from Horizon Bay made a huge contribution to the toy drive with their unwavering support. Dana, thank you so much for being there all day to help us wherever we needed you.

Carol and Mindy from KRDE, two more of our devoted team that worked in the background helping with sponsors, advertising, and just making sure we covered all our bases. Your support means so much!

T-Bear, thanks for coming and for buying all of Rosie’s cookies! Thank you for your generous donation of toys too. We appreciate you! Suzy C, you are definitely on the committee for next year. Thank you for the toys and most of all for coming out and keeping us company!

The Eight’s Society; we can’t thank you enough for helping us advertise the toy drive, and for all the gift cards. Toys for the little ones are fun, but the gift cards will be so appreciated by the older kids that sometimes get overlooked. They need our support just as much, if not more, than the little ones, your efforts mean so much. Sex Machine, Angie, Blade, Hot Rod, Corvair, thank you so much for all you do, not just for us and this the community.

Billy “Preacher” Sample, as always, you ROCK the house! Your commitment to help every year is unmatched!

Connie Kelley, you are AMAZING! Willing to sing your heart out, nobody does it like you girl! Showing up with the whole gang and staying all day was awesome. Thank you so much!

Kellie Jo and crew, FANTASTIC! From the traditional Christmas music to just plain cute (I am sorry your sombrero es too big ), your efforts put a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts. Muchos gracias!

Norm, Angel, and Pro-Pave Inc., thank you for the stage! The trailer helped us “stand out”, the difference was huge! Thank you for coming out and joining us too. We appreciate you both so very much!

Josh and Callyn, thank for the toys, thank you for coming by. Shane, so sorry you were under the weather, hope you’re feeling better! Looking forward to the both of you helping us entertain next year!

Bishop Trailer Sales and MVS, two of our sponsors that went above and beyond. They used their advertising time to help get the word out about the toy drive, and they offered incentives for people to bring in toys. Two great examples of the overwhelming generosity of Apache Junction businesses.

Lynn and Filly’s, thank you for the truckload of toys. Your efforts were HUGE in making this toy drive so successful. 
Susan Strong and family, your generosity touches our hearts, especially with all you are going through this year. Thank you so very much for the big bag of toys.

Larry and the entire Chamber of Commerce staff, thank you for letting us have the toy drive at The Chamber again this year, and for being such a loyal supporter.

 Terry from mi'myself-n-eye creative services, thank you for showing up with cameras flashing. We hope you both got some great pictures, and we can’t wait to see them!

Gordie and Michelle, Ray and Beverly, loyal friends and fans, thank you for the toys and stuffed animals, and most of all for coming out for the show.

Darrell Alonzi from ALONZIPHOTO, the flyer was beautiful and absolutely perfect. You do such amazing work! Thank you again for all you do for us. Don and Donna, thank you both for all the toys and for all your support. We hope you had an AMAZING time on your cruise.

We would also like to thank the many sponsors who let us hang our flyer. Thank you to Dog RunSuperstition LaundromatCobb’s RestaurantMirage Sports GrillStick Engineering, and Best Hardware. To all of our other sponsors, Otera RealtyRacksThe EYES NewsletterPower Tags & Title, AJ Fairways Grill, RositisSuperstition Skies, thank you all for your help to make this toy drive possible.

The last thank you we have is one that we think will touch everyone’s hearts with the true meaning of giving. The last hour of the toy drive the crowd had started to thin down, it was getting cold and dark out, but Talon was determined to stay and sing until the advertised stop time of 6:30. There was a gentleman with a dog sitting on a rock enjoying the music. It was pretty obvious that he was homeless. As he listened to Talon sing, he saw another young man go put some money in the tip jar. He asked what the tip jar was for, and it was explained to him that the money in the tip jar would go to help needy children this year. He got up, walked over to the tip jar, and dropped in $20. He made the comment that someone had given that money to him, but the children needed it more than he did. What a touching example of unselfish giving. To you sir, and we wish we knew your name, thank you for your gift, and thank you for reminding us of what community really means.

Talon would like to thank the entire community of Apache Junction who made this toy drive possible. Thank you with all my heart and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!
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