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Talon Grey is an amazing singer, but there is so much more to Talon Grey. He uses his phenomenal talent to follow his passion, and that is helping others who are in need. Talon cares deeply about his community, and in his words the world is my community?. His music is how he supports himself and his dream.

Talon lives a very simple life that allows him to use the majority of his time and money to give back to the community. Talon always says relationships in your life are what matter, stuff is just stuff. He works from home, which is a small RV. He rides a Harley Davidson that has seen better days. Talon built the majority of this website himself with a little help from a friend on the first few pages. He coordinates all of his benefits on a shoestring budget and makes sure that 100% of the money donated goes to the recipient. He absorbs all the cost involved in each and every event.

When Talon is not working on his music or charities, he is feeding his incredible thirst for knowledge. A self-educated man, Talon is constantly searching for and absorbing information on cures for cancer and other diseases, environmental challenges and solutions, self-awareness and personal growth. He shares everything he learns with anyone willing to listen.

If Talon could have one wish, his world would be a global community where everyone pitched in for a common goal; health, happiness, peace, and security. Everyone would be treated equally and fairly, have respect for the environment and work together to restore our diminishing resources. Those resources, the knowledge, and the responsibilities would all be shared equally and unselfishly.

That may sound like an impossible dream, and for one person it would be, but just imagine if everyone pitched in just a little. That is what Talon is all about. He is totally committed to being a positive influence and to planting seeds along the way to encourage others to be more caring and more responsible. He definitely leads by example by doing whatever he can to help, no matter how small those efforts may seem to be, they all add up.

If you are interested in helping Talon, there are so many things you can do. This website has options for everyone. If you like Talons music, you can purchase a CD or a single. Talon has a store where you can buy a wide variety of clothing items or other merchandise with his logo. When he has a benefit going on, you can donate through the PayPal button. If you are on a tight budget like Talon is there are still things you can do to make a difference. You can volunteer to help at the benefits or donate raffle prizes. If you have an Android or a Smart phone, you can download his free phone app and share his music and his mission. You can join the Talon Grey Fan Club on FaceBook, or you can become a fan on ReverbNation. You can share the videos he puts together for his benefits. It takes so little to help him help others, and he appreciates it so very much.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us any time.  

Thank You!

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