Professional Profile

Major: Film & Media

Long Term Career Goal: To be running a media company that provides services for video editing by myself and editors that I hire. I would also like to be doing freelance film photography and composition as alternate revenue streams.

Short Term Goals: To have a rotation of repeat video editing and photography clients that use my services for their brands/companies/personal lives.

Personality: I am a very motivated, sociable and diligent person. I am very easy to get along with in business and work environments especially and I am an incredibly dedicated person when it comes to completing tasks and projects.

Skills: I am patient and focused in my work and I am very reliable with deadlines. I assume leadership roles when given the chance and am very outgoing in group settings be it with clients, groups of colleagues or those working under me.

Outstanding Qualities: I have a natural eye and ear for visual and audial mediums and I have confidence in my ability to add style, flare and intention to everything I work on. In my experience with video editing, photography and music production, I find myself consistently able to squeeze the most out of what I am given into a final product that is at its full potential.

Summary: With what little I may lack in experience, I make up for in taste, intention and artistry.